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Full of excitement, we are STOKED!

We founded GLAMPiC after moving to Niiyama, Yamagata from Tokyo.


Creating excitement, and enjoying the world.

We quit our corporate jobs in Tokyo with the dream of traveling the world and working abroad.

After about two months of wandering internationally, we shifted our focus to domestic business options and moved to Yamagata.

We are making all parts of GLAMPiC with our own hands. We’d like everyone to feel the warmth made from our hands.

We strive to provide a space and service that all users of GLAMPiC, and ourselves, can enjoy and get excited about.

Our staff are native Japanese speakers. We are not fluent in English, but we try our best and are very interested in communicating with people from all over the world.

GLAMPiC LLC’s mission is “Creating excitement, and enjoying the world.”

Our main menu includes sandwiches brimming with vegetables and piping hot skillet curry. (Seasonal sandwiches are also available on a monthly basis.)

Our coffee is made from an original dry roasted blend.

※ We do not accept reservations for lunch. Guests are served based upon their time of arrival.

Reservation Required / Guests from 4 people / Limited to one party / Course selection

In the summer, you can enjoy a beer garden or BBQ on our pleasant terrace. If you are concerned about having to make arrangements to return . . . you can book our guest house and stay the night! Please feel free to ask us about planning for your events!


【Days】Mon / Sat / Sun / Holidays OPEN TIME 11:00~16:00
※There may be changes to our hours of operations.


【Days】Every Day 18:00~23:00

※Reservation Required
Guest house reservations are available to bar guests at a special discount.


【Availability】April ~ Oct

A space you can enjoy with your dogs.

Only available with terrace seating.

※There is limited space on rainy days.

※Glampic takes no responsibility for any accidents or injuries occurred on the 2F terrace.


Lodge Style Guesthouse

We have a lodge style guest house with bedding for four guests. Of course single guests are welcome, and you can also reserve the whole lodge! (For full reservations, up to seven guests can spend the night with the addition of the sofa beds in the living room.) Because the lodge is small, our guests can enjoy plenty of interactions with each other.


Refrigerator and Freezer
A simple kitchen
Shampoo / Body Soap
Bath Towels
Face Towels

Washing Machine (100yen)
Toothbrush (100yen)
Razor (100yen)
Dinner (500yen)


Sunday ~Thursday 3,000 yen
Friday ~ Saturday , Holidays 3,500 yen
※Includes Breakfast

【Whole Rental】

1 ~ 4 Guests : 4 Guests Rate
5 ~ 7 Guests : No. of Guests


Please check the calendar for available dates. Please make your reservation via e-mail or phone.We also use an external site for reservations, so some bookings may not be available.

We strive to respond swiftly to all inquiries, but if we are unable to respond within 2 days, please contact us once again.

For Hostel Pass Users, please notify us of your reservation time.

※Hostel Life offers a “Hostel Pass” for the affordable monthly pass of 15,000 Yen. This service permits users to stay at registered hostels nationwide without limit.


Extravagant Outdoor Experience Limited to One Party for One Day

Self-built by the owners, this glamping site offers the entire mountain for groups for the whole day.

Please enjoy some tranquil, extravagant time in the middle of the forest with no worries.

Full mountain reservation glamping for groups in our backyard mountain covering roughly 10,000 square meters. With drumcan baths, you can have your own near survival experience while enjoying glamping.


4m Diameter Tent
3m Diameter Tent​
46L Refrigerator / Freezer
Oil Stove
Heated Carpet
Bluetooth Speaker
Bear Spray
AC Outlets

BBQ Grill Large (1,500 yen) 
Electric Grill (1,500 yen)
Firewood, Firestarter (1,000 yen)
Yamagatan (Charcoal) (1,800 yen)
Breakfast (1,000 yen / person)
Wild BBQ Set (4,500 yen / person)
Drumcan Bath Fire Kit (1,200 yen / bath)
Projector Set (2,000 yen)
Blu-ray Player
MAC Connector Cord
iPhone Connector Cord
HDMI Cable
100” Screen
※Please note: In case of strong winds and poor weather, the screen may not be available for use.


Low Season × Weekday 15,000 yen
Low Season × Weekend, Holiday 31,000 yen
High Season × Weekday 18,000 yen
High Season × Weekend, Holiday 35,000 yen
Best High Season 38,000 yen

※The above prices are for 2 guests on weekdays, and up to 4 guests on weekends and holidays. (For additional guests, please add 5,000 yen / additional guest.)
※Prices for guests in parties of 8 or more require consultation.
※Guests under the age of six stay free, elementary school students are half priced, junior high school and older are full price.
※For groups that have non-overnight guests, there is an entrance fee of 2,500 yen per non-overnight guest.


If there are no guest reservations up to seven days in advance, day service is also available. Base fee 4 guests (+500 yen per additional guest): 6,000 yen / 3 hours (+2,000 yen for each extra hour) Options = Please refer to items listed above. Guests can bring their own food and beverages. Please reserve via e-mail.


<Low Season> May, June, October, November
<High Season> July ~ September
<Best High Season> O-Bon, Golden Week, Silver Week


<14~10 Days in Advance> 20% of fees
<9 ~ 3 Days in Advance> 50% of fees
<2 ~ 1 Day in Advance> 80% of fees
<Day of or No Contact> 100% of fees

In the event of warnings for “Strong Winds”, “Heavy Rains and Flooding”, or “Landslides” on the morning of your stay at 6 a.m. in Yamagata City, if you contact us regarding cancellations, there will be no fees incurred.

Please contact us via phone to avoid complications.

Cancellations without notice will not be refunded.

In the event of warnings for “Strong Winds”, “Heavy Rains and Flooding”, or “Landslides” when you arrive at the campsite, if you decide to leave at that time, there will be no fees incurred. You will receive a full refund for your stay.

In the event of warnings for “Strong Winds” or “Heavy Rains and Flooding” occur while at the campsite, if you decide to leave then, there will be no fees incurred. You will receive a full refund for your stay.


GLAMPiC is located in the abundant wilderness of Niiyama, about 20 minutes from Yamagata Station by car.

Niiyama is about 500m above sea level. Please remember to bring warm clothing when you visit.

【By Car】

Take the Yamagata Expressway
Follow the Country Road 286 between Yamagata Zao IC and Sekizawa IC

【By Train】

From Yamagata Station, ride the Yamako Bus to Niiyama Fishing Hole Stop
Walk 1 minute

【Sundays and Holidays】
There are no buses. We provide pickup and dropoff services for guests staying at our Guesthouse and Glamping sites.


LINE ID:@urb2316y


◼︎PICNIC CAFE&BAR LUNCH 11:00-16:00(closed in winter) DINNER 18:00-22:00(No Holiday / Reservation Required) ※Pets allowed only on 2F Terrace
◼︎GUEST HOUSE:Reservation Required
◼︎DIY Workshop Inquiries